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AchilloTrain Ankle BraceAchilloTrain Ankle Brace
  In cases of pain or inflammation in the Achilles tendon (e.g. due to excessive strain or after operations), the... Sale priceDhs. 487.14
AchilloTrain Pro Ankle BraceAchilloTrain Pro Ankle Brace
AchilloTrain® Pro systematically counteracts irritation to the Achilles tendon through stabilization and compression. The brace promotes muscular stabilization whilst a... Sale priceDhs. 487.14
AirLoc Ankle Brace (Universal)AirLoc Ankle Brace (Universal)
Universal size for the left and right options. AirLoc® Ankle Brace stabilises the ankle in the shoe, for example after an... Sale priceDhs. 518.57
CaligaLoc Ankle BraceCaligaLoc Ankle Brace
Stabilization of the upper and lower ankle after serious injuries The CaligaLoc anatomically contoured stabilizing orthosis is used as a... Sale priceDhs. 1,042.38
EpiPoint Elbow StrapEpiPoint Elbow Strap
Bauerfeind’s EpiPoint® braces and supports have stabilizing support to relieve tendon pain such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, arthritis and... Sale priceDhs. 277.62
EpiTrain Elbow BraceEpiTrain Elbow Brace
Tennis elbow or golfers elbow can cause irritation and pain that inhibits activity and performance. The EpiTrain® orthopedic brace helps... Sale priceDhs. 413.81
GenuPoint Knee StrapGenuPoint Knee Strap
The GenuPoint® stabilizes and guides the patellar tendon during loading. The narrow, anatomically contoured brace sits under the kneecap and... Sale priceDhs. 235.71
GenuTrain A3 Knee BraceGenuTrain A3 Knee Brace
Bauerfeind’s new-and-improved GenuTrain A3 arthritis knee brace is designed for people living an active lifestyle who need support for chronic,... Sale priceDhs. 654.76
GenuTrain Knee BraceGenuTrain Knee Brace
The new-and-improved GenuTrain provides secure support for mild instability and relieves knee pain and swelling. With a new Omega+ pad,... Sale priceDhs. 413.81
GenuTrain OA Knee BraceGenuTrain OA Knee Brace
GenuTrain® OA with its innovative unloading system relieves the lateral or medial compartment of the knee based on the 3-point... Sale priceDhs. 3,328.57
Bauerfeind GenuTrain P3 Knee Support - TitanGenuTrain P3 Knee Brace
GenuTrain® P3 relieves pain caused by misalignment of the kneecap (patellar lateralization), femoropatellar pain syndrome (anterior knee pain) or pain... Sale priceDhs. 728.10
GenuTrain S Knee BraceGenuTrain S Knee Brace
The GenuTrain® S orthopedic brace with lateral joint splints supports the knee joint for indications of slight instability, arthritis or... Sale priceDhs. 1,190.48
GenuTrain S Pro Knee BraceGenuTrain S Pro Knee Brace
The lateral splints on the GenuTrain® S Pro active support have adjustable hinges. Together with two inelastic straps on the... Sale priceDhs. 1,571.43
LordoLoc Back BraceLordoLoc Back Brace
LordoLoc® is suitable for use as a back brace for the stabilization of the lumbar spine, for example in the... Sale priceDhs. 623.33
LumboLoc Back BraceLumboLoc Back Brace
Important Saudi Arabia Information Unfortunately, we can not ship this product to our Saudi Arabia customers, in which case please... Sale priceDhs. 801.43
LumboLoc Forte Back BraceLumboLoc Forte Back Brace
In cases of lumbar vertebral syndrome or severe muscular weakness of the spine, LumboLoc® Forte acts as a fixed support... Sale priceDhs. 1,461.43
LumboTrain Back BraceLumboTrain Back Brace
Lumbago, sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SIJD): there are many names for pain in the lower back. LumboTrain® orthopedic braces can help.... Sale priceDhs. 832.86
LumboTrain Lady Back BraceLumboTrain Lady Back Brace
Lumbago, sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SIJD): there are many names for pain in the lower back. LumboTrain® Lady orthopedic braces can... Sale priceDhs. 832.86
MalleoLoc Ankle BraceMalleoLoc Ankle Brace
MalleoLoc® is an anatomically self-shaping stabilizing orthosis that can be used in the immediate care and treatment of ankle injuries.... Sale priceDhs. 550.00
MalleoLoc L3 Ankle BraceMalleoLoc L3 Ankle Brace
Orthoses help to protect an unstable ankle from excessive strain. The MalleoLoc L3 orthosis can be adapted for multi-stage treatment... Sale priceDhs. 937.62
MalleoTrain Ankle BraceMalleoTrain Ankle Brace
The MalleoTrain® orthopedic brace is used to treat a sore ankle joint following injury, surgery or osteoarthritis. Two individually fitted... Sale priceDhs. 382.38
MalleoTrain S Ankle BraceMalleoTrain S Ankle Brace
After an operation or in the event of slight sprains or repeated overloading, the ligaments of the foot are often... Sale priceDhs. 309.05
MalleoTrain S Open Heel Ankle BraceMalleoTrain S Open Heel Ankle Brace
After surgery or in the event of minor injury or continuous overloading, the ligament structures of the foot are weakened... Sale priceDhs. 309.05
ManuLoc Long Wrist BraceManuLoc Long Wrist Brace
The ManuLoc® Long is a longer version of the ManuLoc wrist orthosis. As well as immobilizing the wrist like the... Sale priceDhs. 570.95

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