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Sports Knee SupportSports Knee Support
Sports Knee Support improves the movement of the knee during longer sporting activities through gentle, beneficial compression and protects against... Sale priceDhs. 399.00
GenuTrain Knee BraceGenuTrain Knee Brace
The new-and-improved GenuTrain provides secure support for mild instability and relieves knee pain and swelling. With a new Omega+ pad,... Sale priceDhs. 413.81
Sports Compression Knee SleeveSports Compression Knee Sleeve
A great feeling helping your top performance! The Sports Compression Knee Sleeve is the perfect companion for virtually every sport. Thanks... Sale priceDhs. 199.00
Bauerfeind GenuTrain P3 Knee Support - TitanGenuTrain P3 Knee Brace
GenuTrain® P3 relieves pain caused by misalignment of the kneecap (patellar lateralization), femoropatellar pain syndrome (anterior knee pain) or pain... Sale priceDhs. 728.10
GenuTrain A3 Knee BraceGenuTrain A3 Knee Brace
Bauerfeind’s new-and-improved GenuTrain A3 arthritis knee brace is designed for people living an active lifestyle who need support for chronic,... Sale priceDhs. 654.76
GenuTrain S Knee BraceGenuTrain S Knee Brace
The GenuTrain® S orthopedic brace with lateral joint splints supports the knee joint for indications of slight instability, arthritis or... Sale priceDhs. 1,190.48
SecuTec Genu Knee BraceSecuTec Genu Knee Brace
A torn ligament, collateral ligament injury or operation on the meniscus can mean that the knee joint needs to be... Sale priceDhs. 2,661.90
GenuTrain OA Knee BraceGenuTrain OA Knee Brace
GenuTrain® OA with its innovative unloading system relieves the lateral or medial compartment of the knee based on the 3-point... Sale priceDhs. 3,328.57
SecuTec OA Knee BraceSecuTec OA Knee Brace
Orthoses help patients with moderate to severe osteoarthritis in their knee joint. The SecuTec OA knee orthosis relieves the painful... Sale priceDhs. 3,804.76
Sports Knee StrapSports Knee Strap
The Sports Knee Strap provides relief for the patellar tendon by delivering targeted compression below the kneecap during longer sporting... Sale priceDhs. 239.00
GenuPoint Knee StrapGenuPoint Knee Strap
The GenuPoint® stabilizes and guides the patellar tendon during loading. The narrow, anatomically contoured brace sits under the kneecap and... Sale priceDhs. 235.71
GenuTrain S Pro Knee BraceGenuTrain S Pro Knee Brace
The lateral splints on the GenuTrain® S Pro active support have adjustable hinges. Together with two inelastic straps on the... Sale priceDhs. 1,571.43
SecuTec Genu FlexSecuTec Genu Flex
Adaptive stabilizing orthosis with range of motion limitation for complex knee injuries. After ligament injuries, the SecuTec Genu® Flex reliably... Sale priceDhs. 2,661.90
Knee brace in a colour combination of blue and grey and is worn on the right knee. It is considered one of Bauerfeind Australia's best recovery knee braces, Softec Genu.SofTec Genu Knee Brace
Active and passive stabilization of the kneejoint – ideal for long-term treatment SofTec® Genu is a multifunctional orthosis for stabilization... Sale priceDhs. 3,870.95

Bauerfeind’s® knee braces and supports provide rapid relief from pain by soothing the areas that hurt and delivering the stability you need. The muscles, tendons and ligaments of the knee are the most common areas of the body to suffer pain and injury: From arthritis, ACL tears, knee surgery, ligament tears in the thigh or muscle pulls, injuries, soreness, pain and inflammation can interfere with your daily life.

Bauerfeind knee braces help reduce pain and swelling, providing joint stability and supporting your painful area without limiting mobility. Our knit material and special viscoelastic cushioned pads make the brace the most comfortable you will ever wear.

The net gain? Less pain. More stability. Bauerfeind knee braces and supports give you the confidence to do what moves you.

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