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Best Braces And Supports For Basketball

Wearing a Bauerfeind brace or support is recognized by the world’s top athletic trainers (NBATA - National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association) as part of standard prevention and treatment for professional basketball players across the league.

Basketball requires lots of dynamic movement, leaving the joints susceptible to strain and injury. When a player quickly changes direction while dribbling down the court, or jumps to complete a layup, they rely on their joints to work as shock absorbers. One wrong landing, a rolled ankle, or the accumulation of these movements over time can take a player out of the game.

Bauerfeind’s medical-grade compression promotes healing blood flow and proprioception to reduce pain, swelling, and reinjury. Whether you are recovering from injury or trying to ensure your best performance, Bauerfeind’s braces and supports stabilize the joints without limiting mobility, so you can rely on your body to get you through the game.