Tennis Training on a completely new level

Tennis Training on a completely new level

Not only the professionals but also amateurs and ambitious recreational players have to be in top shape to succeed at one of the many tournaments on clay or hard courts.

Compression SleevesHow To Increase Running Stamina

How To Increase Running Stamina

Struggling to increase the intensity or distance of your runs? Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy solution here. But there are a few key steps and other helpful tips to help you succeed. Fro...

Bridge with Leg Extension Workout: Strengthens the Glutes and Quadriceps

Bridge with Leg Extension Workout: Strengthens the Glutes and Quadriceps

Our Workout Videos Are Put Together By Specialists To Help You Get Active And Stay Injury-Free. The bridge extension exercise is the perfect addition to an at-home workout as it requires no equip...

kneeBodyweight Squats Workout

Bodyweight Squats Workout

This exercise strengthens the muscles of the hips, legs, back and core. Bauerfeind’s Sports Knee Support provides sports compression for performance and support during workouts.

Compression SleevesCompression Sleeves for Cycling

Compression Sleeves for Cycling

When you’re out on the bike pedaling powerfully, you need an optimal recovery routine to help your muscles rest and regenerate for the next ride. Compression sleeves like the Bauerfeind Sports Calf...

ankle supportRunning with Ankle Support

Running with Ankle Support

Are you worried about ankle sprains when you are running? Activate your ankles and prevent injuries!

Compression SleevesStretching after Running

Stretching after Running

For many joggers, stretching is as much a part of running as lacing up running shoes and quite heavy legs from time to time. In this article, we want to look at what you should pay attention to whe...

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