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VenoTrain Micro - Knee High - ADVenoTrain Micro - Knee High - AD
The most popular compression stocking with the highest level of customer satisfaction is the VenoTrain® Micro. Made with 50% microfiber,... Sale priceDhs. 347.62
Run Ultralight Compression SocksRun Ultralight Compression Socks
Power all the way to the top: our trail running socks support your calves with targeted compression, in particular when... Sale priceDhs. 239.00
Sports Compression Socks Run & WalkSports Compression Socks Run & Walk
Sports Compression Sock Run and Walk incorporates medical standard compression to improve endurance and speed up recovery times. The continuous... Sale priceDhs. 185.71
ViscoSpot Heel Cushion (1 Pair)ViscoSpot Heel Cushion (1 Pair)
Reduces the shock load of every step you take Bauerfeind’s® ViscoSpot heel cushions target areas of the heel where the... Sale priceDhs. 261.90
Run Performance Insoles - Bauerfeind Australia Run Performance Insoles - Bauerfeind Australia
The innovative running insoles Run Performance Insoles ensure a soft and gentle step while running. They support the course of... Sale priceDhs. 299.00
ValguLoc SplintValguLoc Splint
Correction of the big toe at rest The ValguLoc postural splint is suitable for the correction of a misalignment of... Sale priceDhs. 125.71
ViscoPed Foot Orthosis (2 Insoles Included)ViscoPed Foot Orthosis (2 Insoles Included)
Provides a soft cushion for the feet and protects the joints The viscoelastic foot orthosis ViscoPed from Bauerfeind gently cushions... Sale priceDhs. 445.24
ValguLoc II SplintValguLoc II Splint
The ValguLoc II is a stabilizing bunion splint for hallux valgus (bunion) misalignment correction during conservative, functional treatment or following... Sale priceDhs. 487.14
Run Performance Low Cut SocksRun Performance Low Cut Socks
Ease your run! Our new Run Performance Low Cut Socks provide you with a relaxed feeling without sacrificing pace. They... Sale priceDhs. 89.00
Run Performance Mid Cut SocksRun Performance Mid Cut Socks
Steady with every step! No matter where you run, our Run Performance Mid Cut Socks will give you the good... Sale priceDhs. 99.00
Run Performance Compression SocksRun Performance Compression Socks
Endless Running! If you want to get the best out of yourself at running, our brand new Run Performance Compression... Sale priceDhs. 219.00

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