SecuTec Genu Flex

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Side: Right


Adaptive stabilizing orthosis with range of motion limitation for complex knee injuries.

After ligament injuries, the SecuTec Genu® Flex reliably stabilizes and supports the knee joint. The orthosis relieves the strain on the ligaments, protects you from damaging movements and supports the healing process.

The SecuTec® Genu Flex offer reliable stabilization according to the 4-point principle by combining a semi-flexible frame construction and non-elastic straps. The orthosis offers the “flexibility” of a custom fit even during ongoing treatment, thanks to Flex- Links on the upper and lower frame that can be added or removed.

Key Features:

  • Semi-flexible rigid plastic frame
  • Offers the “flexibility” of a custom fit
  • Lightweight, low profile design


  1. Semi-flexible frame design – Adapts to the leg anatomy during movement to ensure secure fit
  2. Custom fit – Flex-Links can be added or removed as therapy progresses
  3. Treatment-specific adjustment – By restricting flexion and extension or immobilizing the hinge joints
  4. Lightweight and low-profile design – ensures inconspicuous wear during everyday activities
  5. Soft microfiber cushioning – For excellent wearing comfort

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