Wave Goodbye to Elbow Pain

Wave Goodbye to Elbow Pain

Whether you are a recreational athlete or a professional player, you have probably heard the word “compression” a few times in your career. From easing pains to keeping muscles stable, compression offers a wide range of benefits to keep athletes healthy and strong throughout training sessions and competitions. In fact, the Bauerfeind Sports Compression Arm Sleeve is the perfect addition to the gym bag of any athlete, novice or pro. Read on to discover the many benefits of the Sports Compression Arm Sleeve below.


Our bodies can do amazing things when it comes to recovery. However, if the muscles are not receiving enough oxygen, they will not be able to recover as quickly due to poor circulation. That is why Bauerfeind uses medical-grade compression in its sleeves. This promotes an increase transfer of oxygen in the muscles and thus promotes better circulation. This not only translates to faster regeneration, but longer endurance, slower fatigue, a reduction in damaging muscle vibrations, and more energy. Additionally, this compression keeps the elbow secure and reduces current elbow pains or agitation.


Sports Compression Arm Sleeves




If you can’t wait to get your compression sleeves off the second you put them on, then it’s not the right compression sleeve for you. Often, many elbow sleeves are made of durable yet rough material that can dig into the skin or cause irritations. Fortunately, one of the benefits of the Bauerfeind Sports Compression Arm Sleeve is that it uses comfortable, UV-blocking microfibers to ensure a comfortable fit. The temperature-regulating microfiber also keeps the elbow joints and muscles warm without constricting the skin. Additionally, Bauerfeind created comfort zones that are made from soft material and gently hug sensitive points of the elbow. From training to competing, the Sports Compression Arm Sleeve will feel like a second skin instead of a bulky sleeve.



Sports Compression Arm Sleeves



Sometimes, throwing our sports gear into the washer results in pilled material and a worse-for-wear look. However, one of the benefits of the Sports Compression Arm Sleeve is that it is machine washable. When your sleeve looks (or smells) like it needs a little TLC, simply throw it in the washer and then tumble dry. The best part? The sleeves come in pairs so you can wear both on either side or keep one as a spare to use while the other is being washed. This way, you can keep wearing your Sports Compression Arm Sleeve game after game, training session after training session.


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