Three Benefits of the Sports Elbow Support in Tennis

Three Benefits of the Sports Elbow Support in Tennis

For tennis players, there is nothing better than stepping on to the court for practice, leisure, or competition. However, the playing time might get shorter, or impossible, if elbow pain from repetitive motions arise. Fortunately, tennis players can play stronger and longer thanks to the three main benefits provided by the Bauerfeind Sports Elbow Support.

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Benefit 1: Optimized Elbow Movement

When it comes to a successful tennis match or practice, elbow strength is key. An injury or agitation to the elbow can not only hinder players, but put them out of the game all together. That is why one of the top three benefits of the Sports Elbow Support is its ability to optimize elbow movement. The anatomically contoured pads of the support redistribute pressure and protect against muscle overload while also providing players with a positive sensorimotor feedback. This feedback works to helps players serve properly and in a stable manner for improved confidence and reduced injury rates.


Benefit 2: Faster Muscle Regeneration

If you are unable to avoid the beginning stages of elbow pain, the Sports Elbow Support can help stop current minor agitations. The connective tissue and muscle of the elbow are gently and persistently massaged from the support’s gentle compression. This will help reduce any current pain associated with strain quickly and reduce any further risk of injury.

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Benefit 3: Breathable Material

While wearing an elbow support protects against injury, no player wants to be weighed down by a stiff brace that makes it hard to move. Luckily, the Bauerfeind Sports Line is made with movement in mind with its Air Knit technology. Breathable and comfortable, the Sports Elbow Support never hinders a player’s movement, allowing them to swing through all of the necessary movements to win the match while staying safe from injury all season long.


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