Get Relief from Jumper’s Knee

Get Relief from Jumper’s Knee

From making a basket after sprinting down the court to completing the 100 meter hurdle event in track and field, there is no question that the knees of athletes in running sports can take quite a beating. If the knees are not protected each time an athlete steps into a training session or competition, athletes are putting themselves at risk for developing  Jumper’s Knee, or Patellar Tendonitis, over time. Get relief from Jumper’s Knee by wearing the proper gear when hitting the court, track, or training field. 

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Jumper’s Knee Symptoms

After smacking the pavement, track, or court repetitively during a competition or training session, athletes may start to feel the beginning symptoms of Jumper’s Knee, including pain around the patellar tendon, swelling, pain with running, walking, or jumping, pain when bending or straightening the leg, and/or tenderness behind your lower kneecap. This is due to the repeated stress placed on the tendon and the tendon becoming inflamed in turn. If caught early, athletes can get relief from early signs of Jumper’s Knee and avoid further symptoms to have a healthy, strong season.


Avoiding Jumper’s Knee

One of the best ways to avoid Jumper’s Knee is to take a preventative approach before or quickly after symptoms start emerging. This can be achieved by adding the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Strap to your workout wardrobe. This anatomical-shaped strap helps reduce stress on the patellar tendon to avoid and address current overload issues and pain behind the knee. With an individually adjustable pressure, the Sports Knee Strap helps give athletes the perfect amount of compression throughout their training. By staying in place during movement and providing continuous relief, the Sports Knee Strap allows athletes to give it their all each time.

Bauerfeind Sports Knee Strap - Patella Support - Knee Strap Patellar Tendon Relief - Relieve Runners Jumpers Knee Shin Splints - Moisture Wicking Washable Material

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