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Particulate Respirator - 4 Layer Melt-Blown Fabric FFP3 Mask - 10 PIECES / 1 BOXParticulate Respirator - 4 Layer Melt-Blown Fabric FFP3 Mask - 10 PIECES / 1 BOX
Overview CE FFP3 CERTIFIED: FFP3 masks remove at least 99% of non-oil-based particles down to 0.3 microns - including dust... Sale priceDhs. 500.00
OverviewShoe covers are simple and effective solutions for indoor environment control. From basic dust prevention to anti-skid or limited water... Sale priceDhs. 18.00
Protective Disposable Face Shield - 10 PIECES / 1 PACKProtective Disposable Face Shield - 10 PIECES / 1 PACK
Overview A full-length face shield provides an increased level of protection. Featuring a 7” length and 1½” vented foam headband... Sale priceDhs. 80.00
RhizoLoc Thumb BraceRhizoLoc Thumb Brace
Following thumb joint injuries, such as tears or sprain to the collateral ligaments ("skier's thumb"), or for indications of osteoarthritis... Sale priceDhs. 361.43
Run Performance Insoles - Bauerfeind Australia Run Performance Insoles - Bauerfeind Australia
The innovative running insoles Run Performance Insoles ensure a soft and gentle step while running. They support the course of... Sale priceDhs. 280.95
Run Ultralight Compression SocksRun Ultralight Compression Socks
Power all the way to the top: our trail running socks support your calves with targeted compression, in particular when... Sale priceDhs. 199.00
SacroLoc Back BraceSacroLoc Back Brace
The SacroLoc® orthosis can provide the correct support for the sacroiliac joint syndrome (SI joint syndrome) and pain. It stabilizes... Sale priceDhs. 1,566.19
SecuTec Genu Knee BraceSecuTec Genu Knee Brace
A torn ligament, collateral ligament injury or operation on the meniscus can mean that the knee joint needs to be... Sale priceDhs. 2,928.10
SecuTec OA Knee BraceSecuTec OA Knee Brace
Orthoses help patients with moderate to severe osteoarthritis in their knee joint. The SecuTec OA knee orthosis relieves the painful... Sale priceDhs. 3,661.43
SecuTec Omo Shoulder BraceSecuTec Omo Shoulder Brace
Whether post-operative for shoulder injuries or the implantation of a prosthesis or post-traumatic after a dislocated shoulder, the SecuTec® Omo... Sale priceDhs. 2,090.00
SofTec Coxa Hip BraceSofTec Coxa Hip Brace
The multi-functional orthosis SofTec® Coxa stabilizes the hip joint, for example after total hip replacement or femoral-head resection. It prevents... Sale priceDhs. 4,757.14
Spinova Osteo Back BraceSpinova Osteo Back Brace
Spinova® Osteo provides passive and active stabilization for the spine, offering relief for osteoporosis patients and preventing kyphosis. Thanks to... Sale priceDhs. 2,823.33
Spinova Stabi Classic Back BraceSpinova Stabi Classic Back Brace
Back orthosis for extensive and all-round support of the lumbar spine Spinova Stabi Classic relieves your pain by straightening the... Sale priceDhs. 1,461.43
Sports Achilles SupportSports Achilles Support - Bauerfeind Australia
Don't let it stop you! With our brand new Achilles tendon support Sports Achilles Support, you get reliable protection for... Sale priceDhs. 280.95
Sports Ankle SupportSports Ankle Support
The Sports Ankle Support holds the ankle securely in place during longer sporting activities and protects against painful sprains. The... Sale priceDhs. 280.95
Sports Ankle Support DynamicSports Ankle Support Dynamic
The Sports Ankle Support Dynamic supports the ankle during long and intensive periods of sports training. Whether it’s running, walking,... Sale priceDhs. 238.10
Sports Back SupportSports Back Support
The Sports Back Support strengthens the centre of the body through beneficial compression during longer sporting activities, thus protecting the... Sale priceDhs. 519.05
Sports Compression Arm Sleeves (Pair)Sports Compression Arm Sleeves (Pair)
The Sports Compression Arm Sleeves strengthen the arm muscles with a comfortable compression effect. The compressive effect is based on... Sale priceDhs. 185.71
Sports Compression Calf Sleeves (Pair)Sports Compression Calf Sleeves (Pair)
The Sports Compression Calf Sleeves strengthen the muscles in the lower legs through powerful compression. The compressive effect is based... Sale priceDhs. 185.71
Sports Compression Knee SleeveSports Compression Knee Sleeve
A great feeling helping your top performance! The Sports Compression Knee Sleeve is the perfect companion for virtually every sport. Thanks... Sale priceDhs. 160.95
Sports Compression Socks Run & WalkSports Compression Socks Run & Walk
Sports Compression Sock Run and Walk incorporates medical standard compression to improve endurance and speed up recovery times. The continuous... Sale priceDhs. 185.71
Sports Compression Thigh Sleeves (Pair)Sports Compression Thigh Sleeves (Pair)
The Sports Compression Thigh Sleeves strengthen the muscles in the thigh through powerful compression. The compressive effect is based on... Sale priceDhs. 185.71
Sports Elbow StrapSports Elbow Strap
The Sports Elbow Strap provides relief for the forearm muscles around the elbow by delivering targeted compression during longer sporting... Sale priceDhs. 214.29
Sports Elbow SupportSports Elbow Support
Sports Elbow Support improves the movement of the elbow during longer sporting activities through gentle, beneficial compression and protects against... Sale priceDhs. 280.95

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