Why Use Compression in Baseball

When baseball players get ready for a game, it is not uncommon for them to add an arm, leg, or thigh compression sleeve to their uniform. This compression sleeve may seem like a simple wardrobe addition, but it actually provides baseball players many physical benefits. Whether you are in the pros or playing recreationally, there are multiple reasons why you should use Bauerfeind compression sleeves in baseball.



While sun burns may not be the most obvious physical concern when it comes to baseball, it is an important aspect to keep in mind. Players facing frequent sunburns and long exposure to the sun are at risk for permanent skin damage. Fortunately, the Bauerfeind Compression Sleeves for the arm, thigh, and leg provide a UPF of 80 and has been tested by the International Test Association for Applied Protection against UV Radiation.


UPF 80


Within each inning, baseball players are sprinting, throwing, stopping suddenly, sliding, and jumping. These actions can increase a player’s chance of minor injuries which is often followed by swelling. Luckily, one of the main benefits of wearing compression sleeves is its ability to reduce swelling by improving blood circulation in the targeted area.

Bauerfeind Sports Compression Arm Sleeve


Players suffering from minor leg, thigh, and arm injuries can also benefit from wearing compression sleeves due to their ability to help muscles recover from intense activities. Since the sleeves encourage blood flow to circulate faster to the heart, baseball players can find relief and recovery from injuries quicker.

Bauerfeind Sports Compression Sleeves Lower Leg


As each inning passes, it is common for baseball players to experience some fatigue. Luckily, the gentle compression of Bauerfeind’s compression sleeves reduce uncomfortable muscle vibrations that prevent premature fatigue. No matter which sleeve you choose, each Bauerfeind compression sleeve will give players more energy to play and reduce damaging muscle vibrations throughout every game and practices.

Bauerfeind Sports Compression Sleeve Upper Leg



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