The Fashion Colors For 2017 Are Here

bauerfeind venotrain compression stockings

VenoTrain micro and VenoTrain soft compression stockings

bauerfeind venotrain compression colors

VenoTrain micro and VenoTrain soft are each available in two new fashion colors from February 1, 2017: The VenoTrain micro feel-good stocking will become a flattering foot accessory in “Salmon,” a pale salmon color and in the light cream “Vanilla” color. The warm red “Bordeaux” and soft gray “Anthracite” are the two new color tones for the versatile all-rounder VenoTrain soft.

With a microfiber content of more than 50 percent, the VenoTrain micro is also particularly soft and skin-friendly. The various designs and a wide-range of colors make it a popular daily companion for fashion-conscious women. The VenoTrain soft opaque compression stocking is specially designed so it gently massages your skin. The durable knitted fabric is comfortably soft and also hard-wearing. This makes it particularly low-maintenance and it can be worn by both women and men.




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