New Training Videos for Bauerfeind SecuTec Genu

New Training Videos for Bauerfeind SecuTec Genu

Bauerfeind SecuTec Genu


Information for technicians on fitting the SecuTec Genu knee orthosis and constructing the partially assembled version is also available in video format. Two new training videos for the revised version that can be used alongside the printed instructions for use and assembly instructions have been uploaded onto

The revised SecuTec Genu was launched in September. The restrictive hard-frame orthosis now has joints which can be adjusted without tools, quick-fit fasteners, a wider thigh strap, and a height adjustable calf strap. In 7.51 minutes, the first training video shows the new care process as a result of the changes – from measuring to instructing the patient on how to put on the support independently. In just under two minutes, the second video shows how the joints are connected with the thigh and lower leg frames and how the straps are fitted in the partially assembled version. Both videos can be watched directly in the portal or downloaded.

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