Compression Sleeves

Compression Sleeves for Cycling

Compression Sleeves for Cycling

Fluid pedaling, perfect recovery

When you’re pedaling powerfully on the bike, you need an optimal recovery routine to help your muscles rest and regenerate for the next ride. This recovery period is important in order to avoid sore muscles and cramps. You can optimize your recovery curve with the help of compression socks and sleeves!

Here are four key reasons why Compression Sleeves should be an essential part of your cycling routine both on and off your bike!


Longer riding times

Perfect for the long ride. Little shocks and vibrations demand everything from your arms and legs during an hours-long ride. To boost performance and pedal with maximum power till the end of your ride, continuous oxygen is needed for your cardiovascular system and your muscles. Bauerfeind Sports Compression Sleeves support you by stimulating circulation with targeted pressure, thus transporting more oxygen to stressed muscle areas. An additional advantage: Your muscles warm up faster and fatigue slower. Targeted compression ensures that muscle vibrations resulting from uneven surfaces are reduced. At the same time, compression products stimulate your muscles and fascia. That way, you’re protected against fatigue and injuries in every cycling situation, whether mountain biking, racing, or free-riding.

Faster recovery

Bauerfeind's Compression products have been developed specifically for endurance sports, and help promote faster muscle regeneration during and after cycling. Noticeable pressure activates circulation. This promotes oxygen transport to muscles and improves the flow of blood back to the heart. Metabolic waste is thus better transported away, this keeps arms and legs from swelling intensely. It’s not without reason that professional cyclists have been relying on compression products for years. Racing professionals wear compression products during training as well as during and after the competition. Bauerfeind Sports Compression Sleeves support muscle recovery, so you can enjoy longer, more pleasurable rides to the fullest!


Temperature Regulation

Airy-light compression knit fabric improves the wicking of sweat and prevents heat build-up. Bauerfeind Sports Compression Sleeves are designed with 3D AirKnit® technology, this special microfibre fabric is extremely light and breathable while also actively wicking away sweat for optimal temperature control while riding. 

UV Protection

Not only do compression sleeves help cover your arms and legs while staying light and breathable, but Bauerfeind Sports Compression Sleeves are also made with built-in sun protection technology. The sleeves protect you against UV radiation with UPF 80 (Protection meeting the requirements of UV Standard 801, regularly tested and approved by the International Test Association for Applied Protection against UV Radiation).

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