Protective Disposable Face Shield - 10 PIECES / 1 PACK

Sale priceDhs. 80.00


  • A full-length face shield provides an increased level of protection.
  • Featuring a 7” length and 1½” vented foam headband for increased airflow, foam headband “floats” lightly on the forehead with no pressure on temples for added comfort.
  • Anti-fog treated on inside and outside of the shield to eliminate fogging. The shield protects the mask and face from direct spatter and airborne particles.


  • Double side anti-fog, anti-static, no-glare lens
  • Hypoallergenic foam band can absorb sweat and provide enough room for eyeglasses or safety goggles
  • Vented foam design for increased airflow and comfort
  • The sonically welded band gives the face shield added strength and reliability
  • Available in both elastic band 


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