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AirLoc® stabilizes the ankle, particularly the outer capsular ligaments, and prevents the foot from twisting. Two plastic shells form a brace around the medial and lateral malleolus, which are fixed in place by Velcro straps.


  • Anatomically contoured plastic shells for the ideal fit, and to support the sensorimotor system, prevent the foot from twisting and stabilize the lateral capsular ligaments of the upper ankle joint
  • Inflatable air cushions allowing for adaption to the degree of swelling
  • Four individually adjustable Velcro straps make the orthosis easy to put on
  • Elastic shell connector for optimal adaptation to the individual foot width and the degree of swelling
  • Universal size
  • Right and left specific for optimum fit

Dhs. 395.00 

  • AirLoc
  • AirLoc
  • AirLoc
  • AirLoc
  • AirLoc
  • AirLoc

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