GenuTrain® A3


The GenuTrain A3 orthopedic brace is suitable for treating various types of knee complaints: e.g. osteoarthritis, irritated knee joint, complex knee pain or misalignment of the kneecap (pa-tellar lateralization). Thanks to the anatomically shaped pad integrated in the elastic knit fabric (elastic pressure pad), the support gives the joint and muscles a targeted, healing intermittent compression massage on every movement.

  • Massages and relieves knee pain
  • Breathable Train active knit for high wearing comfort
  • Ideal for active senior citizens

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  • Soft knit fabric - Keeps moisture away from the body and machine-washable on the gentle cycle (which helps maintain its elasticity and original fit) so it’s easy to care for.
  • Soft hollow of the knee - Enhanced wearing comfort
  • Expansion zone - In the calf area, makes the support easier to put on.
  • Corrective guide - Keeps the knee cap stable and centered for stability without loss of mobility.
  • Massage pads - Comforting soft stimulating nubs provide pain relief.

Dhs. 710.00 

  • GenuTrain® A3
  • GenuTrain® A3
  • GenuTrain® A3
  • GenuTrain® A3

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