Now made-to-measure too

VenoTrain ulcertec

The VenoTrain ulcertec compression stocking is the specialist for venous leg ulcers. It supports the healing process after the decongestion phase with its unique compression profile. The two-component system is available in five sizes, each in two circumference sizes and two lengths, and is also available as a custom-made solution. The contour of the legs forms the exact template for the stocking so the VenoTrain ulcertec custom-made solution fits like a second skin.

A custom-made stocking is particularly useful for unusual leg shapes or extreme body sizes to ensure the appropriate effect by providing a well-fitting product. The overstocking and lining of the VenoTrain ulcertec provide the therapeutically specified contact pressure in the ankle area. To be worn day and night, the liner holds the wound dressing in place and ensures continuous, low-level compression. The overstocking is worn over the liner during the day and generates the required high level of working pressure during movement.